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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Breaking: CTV reporting charges annouced in Income Trust Leak

CTV is reporting that a senior civil servant has been charged in connection with the Income Trust leak that turned the tide in the last federal election. Serge Nadeau, who is general director of tax policy, analysis, at the department of finance has been charged with criminal breach of trust.

More to follow as it comes in...



I did some cursory searching through the Elections Canada Financial Reports database to find out if Mr. Nadeau has any official ties to the Liberal Party, and he comes up clean - it would seem that no financial contributions have been made to the Liberal Party on his part.

To be completely honest, this really doesn't clarify any possible political ties he may have to the Liberals (if they exist at all) or whether or not political influence was peddled from the Finance Minister's office at the time. The RCMP doesn't seem to have found any evidence that this was the case. But I thought it would be interesting to check and see if anything came up!

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