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Thursday, February 01, 2007


"Dion's motion urges Parliament to acknowledge that there is "overwhelming scientific evidence" that global warming has been brought on by human activity."

Would someone kindly inform Citoyen Dion that correlation does not imply causality?!

Are humans contributing to Climate Change? The scientists say: You Bet! Are we responsible for Climate Change? The scientists say: maybe. The most concrete phrasing they are willing to come up with is "very likely." As for climate change, our predictions are only as good as our models! Whenever anyone tells you that such and such a model predicts this much a shift in temperature, remember how hard it is for them to come up with an accurate weather forecast for next Friday.

Anthropogenic contributions to climate change are undeniable. But any scientist worth his salt knows full well that the jury is still out on just what is going on in regards to climate change. We think that we have some good ideas in regards to what's affecting climate around the world. But "it was warm in Toronto the other day" is not proof that the earth is melting. It just means it was warm that day. Correlation does not imply causality!

Dion also showed how we project onto others what we believe is true about ourselves:

Dion has been skeptical of Harper's apparent shift towards making the environment a priority.
"Canadians are not fooled," Dion told the House. "They know that this prime minister has no commitment to fight climate change. His only motive is to prepare for an election."

Nice to know that the Liberals are back to speaking for all Canadians again. My message for Dion: The Liberals have not changed. They still covet one thing, and one thing only: power. If they have to pretend to give a damn about the environment to get it, than so be it.


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