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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liberals, Bloc, NDP Play Politics With Canadian Lives

In a vote of 159-124, the three opposition parties have voted down the extension of two important anti-terror laws. The provisions allow for closed door hearings presided over by judges and for the detention of suspected terrorists for three days.

As election fever heats up, Dion cares about one thing: hiding the cracks in Liberal unity in an attempt to put forward a strong image. Left behind, however, are Canadian citizens whose lives may now very well be in danger as police have now lost an effective tool in combating terrorism. This complete display of ideological rigidity has jeopardized Canadian lives. All this has been done in spite of the pleading of those who have felt firsthand the horror of terrorism:

"...families of Canadians killed in the Sept. 11 attacks in New York urged parliamentarians to vote in favour of renewing the measures, and begged MPs to not play partisan games with the issue.

'The families who lost loved ones in the Air India bombing and 9/11 know all too well the impact terrorism can have,' Maureen Basnicki, whose husband Ken was among 24 Canadians who died in the New York attacks, said Tuesday.

'We want to protect other Canadians from the devastation that we experienced,' she said."*

The Liberals have completely ignored the advice of those who are living evidence of the threat of terrorism, and have demonstrated an outrageous and alarming disregard for the lives of Canadians. Captive to an extremist ideology, we must now all pay for their careless display of partisan politics.

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