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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Saudia Arabian Access Blocked?

A friend of mine downloads a fair volume of music and TV shows from torrents off of the net. A while back, Rogers sent her an E-mail on behalf of some entertainment consortium that mentioned they knew what she was doing online and they wanted her to stop. Now the legal ramifications of this are different in Canada than they are in the US - downloading software, music, or movies you haven't paid for is legal so long as you don't upload it to others (how's that for a paradox?).

She was naturally concerned about her privacy, so she now uses a program called Hide IP that masks your IP address and pretends it's another. An interesting thing happened at her house the other day when I was using her computer to check out a post over at Kerplonka. At the time, her IP was reading as coming from Saudi Arabia, and as I clicked on the picture Plonka had posted, I got a message in English and Arabic informing me that my access to the picture he was not allowed - and it didn't look to me like this was your standard 404. The page that appeared gave me the option to apply for permission to see the requested website.

Does anyone have an idea as to what was up there? Was I getting a twist on the 404 error, or did I encounter a case of censorship? And if that was the case, just who was doing the censoring?



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