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Monday, February 12, 2007

The "Sexing-Up" of Climate Change

I thoroughly enjoy an ecology class I'm taking this semester. The subject matter (today's topic: light absorption by phytoplankton) could be dry under ordinary circumstances, but the prof somehow manages to make it very interesting and is always pleasant to deal with. When you've had as many terrible professors as I have, you learn to appreciate the good ones.

He shares a similar aversion to the 'sexing-up' of climate change in the media. Commenting today upon the recent death of a man from a fungal infection out in BC, he scorned media reports that claimed global warming was responsible for the growth of the fungus in a supposedly 'new' habitat.

"How do they know that global warming is responsible
? Maybe there's more people heading out in that area this year than before. Maybe no one's noticed the fungus out there prior to this - it might have always been there. It just made me scratch my head when they blamed it on global warming - I think to myself, 'well, the fungus could be growing there due to any number of reasons, and if you had to pick one without the journalist mentioning global warming, you'd never have even thought of it."

He's absolutely right. Some of the writing put forth by many journalists this winter have been appalling ridiculous, such as claiming that warm weather in Toronto one day is because of global warming - no, it's not. It was just warm that day.

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