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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some Choice Garth Turner 'Comebacks'

If any of you have taken the time to visit Garth's blog and read the comments, you'll notice one of two things:
  1. He deletes many of the critical ones.
  2. He responds to the ones he doesn't delete.
As for his 'comebacks' to his detractors? Good God, are they ever awful:

"As for MyBlagh, I could care less what his archives say or his sister does." — Garth

"I’m taking hormones." — Garth

"Yeah, I’ll get my departmental statisticians right on that." — Garth

"As for 'being part of it,'
[the solution to climate change] my constant lobbying for effective environmental legislation on the part of the Harper Cosnervatives played a big role in their tossing me overboard.

"That’s not true. Nobdy has talked about nationalizing the energy business except a few fact-challenged, hysterical, sensational radio talk show hosts. Ain’t gonna happen." — Garth

"He did say there would “be consequences” if industry failed to play ball with government emission requirements." — Garth

I never called any person a Taliban" — Garth

"As for my “Taliban” reference, I am sure a few million words have been wasted here on that one, and Coren is a dink for sensationalizing it again. Anyone who cares about the truth knows my remarks were about televangelist blowhard Charles McVety and his Defend Marriage Canada groupies." — Garth

"Buzz off. I never asked for cabinet, and would not want to be on this man’s inner team. If you think this is the easy route, you have not been paying too much attention." — Garth

I thought you said you were going away." — Garth

"Huh?" — Garth

"Why not quote the rest of that response, smarty pants?" — Garth

"Sheesh, you’re the one who brought it up. John Baird is a famous companion of Laureen’s at Ottawa events. Don’t you read the gossip mags?" — Garth

"Says who?" — Garth

The laugh’s on you." — Garth

"There is no portfolio in any country now more important than that of the posrtfolio. Say, did you miss your bran flakes this morning?" — Garth

"You are clearly a miscreant iconoclast." — Garth

One wonders where Garth finds the time to respond to his detractors, what with all the outstanding work he says he's doing for the residents of Halton.



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