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Friday, February 09, 2007

Surrender, Men!

I'm not going to comment on the case (I'm sure Fred will), but this story's featured quote from LEAF should send some serious chills up male spines:

'It sends a message that men can be held accountable.'
—Fiona Sampson, Women's Legal Education and Action Fund

Whether or not this father was a 'deadbeat' or not is debatable - although the story states that the father paid child support for ten years, before he ran out of money, andthis does not sound like a deadbeat father to me. However, fathers are often trapped in a vicious cycle by the courts. Custody is almost exclusively awarded to women by judges, who then also force men to pay child support for that reason. In a system where criminals are guaranteed a fair trial, it is ironic that fathers who honestly want to support their families can't get a fair shake. Many of these 'deadbeat dads' in fact are men who simply cannot pay the exorbitant child support ordered by the courts. Men have been driven to suicide over this.

This woman was 'awarded' $9,000 a month. That means she would be raising two children on $108,000 a year. Is that amount truly appropriate for the cost of raising two children? My parents raised a family of five children on less than that. Canada may have 'no-fault' divorce laws, but it seems increasingly that these child support judgements are meant to punish men.



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