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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why Isn't This All Over the Media?

Yesterday, Liberal deputy leader Michael Ignatieff referred to the appearance of relatives of the Canadian 9/11 victims prior to the vote on extending two anti-terrorism measures as "just a sideshow." This prompted Maureen Basnicki, whose husband was murdered by Islamic terrorists on September 11th, 2001, to angrily respond with the following:

"Sideshow? I was a victim of terrorism. My husband was murdered. I don't like to be a victim of politics. The issue here is the security of Canadians."

If a Conservative had said what Ignatieff said yesterday, the media would be raving for weeks about how the heartless Conservatives care nothing for the suffering of Canadian 9/11 families. Yet Ignatieff opens his mouth with this nonchalant dismissal of their terrible suffering, and I've heard nary a peep out of the MSM. Which is understandable of course, because the default media modus operandi in Canada is to assume all things said by the Liberals are sacrosanct and inviolable, while all things said by the Conservatives are evidence that they are evil.

Perhaps Ignatieff should have called Basnicki a "dog."

(h/t to Janke)

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