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Sunday, March 18, 2007

'Anti-war' protesters, and some good news.


...is a beautiful picture. I'd love to see something similar with a Canadian Flag. (h/t Malkin)

Also, Darcey and Muddy did some great work the other day as well! And to round it out, Sunday's Telegram covered this weekend's sad-sack anti-war protest in St. John's. As you can see in the picture, it was 'widely attended'.

Despite the efforts of the vocal few, the silent majority are making themselves heard; at work this evening I was pleased to look up and see a man wearing a red 'support our troops' hoodie. I threw him a thumbs-up and a big smile, and went over to have a little chat with him. Turns out he works at a local Wal-mart, and the entire staff there ordered them to show their support. He told me that I could order one through the base down in Pleasantville, so I think I might be making a trip down there sometime this week. I can't wait to wear it at MUN and watch the moonbats' heads spin! That man and his shirt made my day today.

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