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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Conservative MP Norm Doyle Retiring

After a 24 year long undefeated career in politics, St. John's East MP Norm Doyle has announced that he will be retiring and will not run in the next federal election. Mr. Doyle, 61, spent 14 years of his career in politics at the provincial level as a PC MHA for the district of Harbour main-Bell Island and ten years federally as an MP for St. John's East. He is an undefeated political veteran, with eight straight wins under his belt. Though he retired from provincial politics in 1993, he returned in 1997 to win federally in the riding of St. John's East (a seat he has held since then). Norm has held many roles, provincially and federally, both as a Conservative and Progressive Conservative. He was the Progressive Conservative Party Caucus Chair from 1997 until the party merger in 2004, when he became Caucus Chair for the Conservative party. He also served as the Conservative Party whip and the PC party deputy whip. Provincially, he served as minister of Municipal Affairs, Labour, and Transport.

I know Norm personally, and I would like to wish him and his wife Belle the best of luck in the future. Anyone who knows Norm knows that he is one of the most kind, humble and hard-working people you could ever hope to meet. It has been my pleasure to work with him on a number of his fund-raisers and electoral campaigns; The last two in particular were often very exciting and always quite educational. I am sure Danté will have quite a bit more to say on this, but I would just like to say that the citizens of St. John's East are losing a great MP and a wonderful representative. Best of Luck, Norm.

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