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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Peter and Kate have said it well.

Peter and Kate have said it well.

Which is why you haven't heard much of anything from me about McClelland's comments (not to mention the fact that most of you have said pretty much said all that can be said about them by now). People on blogs say lots of stupid things, and quite often too (surprise!). Not to insult the whole dipper community, but one of their bloggers saying something outrageous and radical (and maybe a bit vulgar) is not really that surprising. It's not even out of the ordinary. You can find worse on rabble on any given day of the week (I refuse to provide a link on principle).

Honestly, Robert probably enjoys all the attention - his blog traffic will likely skyrocket from this. I get the feeling a lot of this gleeful stone-throwing has more to do with revenge for his trolling and just general blogging boredom than with actual outrage over what he said. Take a moment to be honest with yourself; you expect that sort of thing from individuals of his persuasion.

Our biggest outrage right now should be over bloggers getting a bad rap in the MSM over these comments, not the fact that he actually said them. Yes, we can all agree that they were stupid.
What was even stupider was insulting Kinsella in the same paragraph; he has a national column and he doesn't take kindly to being insulted.

So, Can we all stop talking about it now?

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