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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Reporting As It Should Be - Taliban Brutality, Uncensored

His name is Ali Ahmed and may his face haunt Afghanistan...I'm not sure how old he is, nine or 10 maybe, his cheeks streaked with dirt and tears, his voice pleading for help. His older brother lies on the side of the road a few metres away, as Ali frantically searches for his younger sister...Ali clutched at the hands of police and journalists, with words that were demanding and hysterical. "I know my brother's dead," he cried, "what about the others?"...At one point he covered his face with a shawl and implored the people around him to help. "Why are you looking at me," he screamed. "Bring a bed or something to put my brother on."

Another suicide bomber sent by the Taliban. Two more Afghan lives destroyed.

My first impression of this article was that the writer (Paul Workman) was a "grief-chaser." My opinion changed quickly, believe you me. More articles on the Taliban's brutality like this one are needed, so the Canadian public understands what our brave men and women in uniform are facing in Afghanistan and why we're there in the first place - to save innocent lives.

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