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Friday, April 20, 2007

Pot, Meet Kettle.

Some days, this stuff just writes itself.

Critics are accusing Environment Minister John Baird of using scare tactics, after he painted a grim picture of economic mayhem if Canada were to comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

Baird told the Senate environmental committee that economists have warned against following the Kyoto targets, but critics disagreed with the findings.

"This is a rigged study," Liberal Sen. Grant Mitchell told Baird. "The one thing that it demonstrates is how effective you are at spinning the media. And in fact, if we could just capture that spin, we'd have an alternative energy source."


Dennis Dawson, a Liberal MP from Quebec and a member of the committee, suggested earlier in the day that the government is fear mongering.

"The sky is falling, we've heard that before. I was here in a previous life when the catalytic converters would kill the auto industry," Dawson told Baird during the Senate committee hearing.


Baird told the committee that analysis from economists shows implementing the Kyoto Protocol would mean the following:

  • Gasoline will cost more than $1.60 a litre over the 2008-to-2012 period

  • 275,000 Canadians working today will lose their jobs by 2009

  • Job loss will cause unemployment rates to rise 25 per cent by 2009

  • The decline of economic activity in the range of $51 billion

So, when the government details the economic consequences of trying to meet a long overdue target in such a short period of time - they're "fear-mongering".

But, of course, when radical environmentalists tell us that our brains will become smaller, that our children will become dangerously sicker, that methane fireballs will tear across the sky, that 'hypercanes' will blast all life away via their ferocious winds, and that 4.5 billion people will be dead by 2012 - hey, they're just looking out for our welfare.

With thanks to Kate for conveniently gathering some of those links. If you know of any more bizarre claims, feel free to post them in the comments.

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