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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


On the story regarding military funeral costs:

The reports are yet more bad news for the beleaguered minister, who in March had to formally apologize for misleading Parliament over Taliban suspects captured by Canadian troops and transferred to Afghan authorities. (emphasis mine)*

This article all but calls him a liar. And how is this bad news? The Department of Defence didn't follow through with the man's orders, and it's somehow his fault? The screw-up has been fixed, and it shouldn't happen again.

But then again, "Tories Make Good on DND Error" doesn't make as good of an article, I guess.

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Cherniak, You're a Putz

And you still don't even know it. Here's hoping your leader learns to speak English between now and the next debate, otherwise he'll be even more unpalatable to Canadians than he is now.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Good Riddance, Vito Rizzuto.


Canadian Soldier Killed In Afghanistan

Please keep in your prayers the Canadian soldier who was killed today in an attempt to bring human rights to Afghanistan.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

When Victory is 'Failure'

I'm getting a little tired of news media reports that cast victory as failure:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai welcomed Harper as a friend, thanked Canada for its help and denied that Taliban detainees are mistreated. His officials argue, hopefully, that the Taliban has been weakened by the death of Mullah Dadullah, a top commander and that the insurgents are now too weak to prevail, even though the fighting has grown more intense, claiming 1,500 lives so far this year, many of them insurgents.

Emphasis mine. Now granted, this is an op-ed piece but I've seen this sort of thing done in many supposedly legitimate and unbiased news articles. That line is supposed to be a contrast to the good news that Dadullah is dead - they think it's bad news. It's as if they actually believe the death of 1,500 of the enemy who threaten Canada's sons and daughters on the front line every day is a bad thing. I've got a better idea: it's a good thing, and its more proof of the ongoing success in Afghanistan.

While any bloodshed is awful in the long run, the more dead Taliban the better life becomes for the people of Afghanistan who desperately struggle against them for basic human rights we take for granted here at home - and the safer our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in the Armed Forces will be as they bravely serve their country in the noble service of human rights.


Convocation Day

We don't often take time to talk about our personal lives on this blog, but I'd like to take the time to mention that Griff and I are both convocating from our University today with a Bachelor of Science. The sun is shining and the spring weather is nice and warm - it's a great day to graduate.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unless, of course, they died on a waiting list first.

A short study in contrasts.

Several interview subjects died before the film was completed. "It was pretty somber working on this film," Moore said. "We just kept thinking, the only reason this person is dying is because they hold American citizenship. If they lived in Canada or Britain or France, they'd have a chance."

"...The provincial government eventually contracted out for the needed services, and over the next 16 months some 200 patients were sent to Seattle hospitals for cardiovascular surgery. The government was forced into this recourse due to a public outcry, including a man who threatened to sue the government when his wife died while waiting for heart surgery..."

"...To our knowledge, 4 patients died while awaiting CABG during the study period....

"...Although some patients underwent surgery within the optimal period, an average of about 50% of patients in each category were still waiting for surgery at the end of their recommended waiting period."

To my great surprise, while practicing as a physician during the 1990s, I saw patients suffering and dying on waiting lists under the Canadian single-payer health care system.

-Dr. Jacques Chaoulli, M.D.

Related: "Dead Meat is a 25 minute short film which shows the reality of health care under Canada's socialized medical system: Canadians wait ... and wait ... and wait. ... And sometimes they die while waiting for free government health care. "

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Canadian Physicians and Abortion

As someone who aspires to be a physician (I should hear back from the Med school I applied to any day now) this article caught my interest:

Though abortion is technically legal in Canada up to the moment of birth, so many doctors refuse to do it that access to it is effectually restricted.

Some doctors reject abortion on purely professional grounds. Medicine is about healing sick people and pregnancy isn't a sickness.

Others regard as morally repugnant the forcible extinction of a human life.

Under CMA rules, a doctor need neither perform an abortion nor direct a patient to an abortion-provider.

Only 15% of hospitals provide the service and that percentage is declining.

Physicians, says Saporta, must put their patients' interest ahead of "their own religious and moral convictions."...

The fact is two thirds of Canadians opposed abortion-on-demand as provided in Canadian law.

But with representation in the media cut off and politicians terrified of any mention of the issue, the majority view was successfully squelched.

What could not be squelched was the view of most doctors. By simply refusing to do the work, they have increasingly thwarted the intention of the law. Such professional resistance was plainly never foreseen.

Check it out - it's well worth your while.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm Going To Blog More, I Promise

I know, I've been lazy. But I needed a little bit of a rest after four long years of university. Rest assured, I'm back now.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

I See Right Through This Putz

Hugo Chavez is doing his "defender of the people" routine again.

Bonus: check out the attack on the church which, according to this Reuters article, backed genocide!

Some days it's best not to read the news.

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Sarko's France

With women filling half of his cabinet positions and extremely competent star performers from all over the political spectrum taking on key positions, Nicolas Sarkozy's 'revolution' is well on it's way.

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Tony Blair May Head Up The World Bank

A top economist has revealed that Blair is being considered for the position of President of the World Bank. If they're looking for a high-profile character with excellent leadership skills, I'd say he'd be a great pick.

Of course, it could all be hogwash - but scuttlebutt can be so juicy sometimes.

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Tired of Contentlink Popups? Check This Out

A little while ago I noticed certain words were being highlighted as links in my browser that wouldn't ordinarily appear as such. This began to annoy me as they would pop up over text when I was trying to read. Eventually, I got tired of it and decided to take care of the problem. You may also want to get rid of them, so here's how you do it - and it's quite simple: simply move your mouse cursor over one of these ads. In the right hand corner of the ad, there should be a small 'question-mark' icon. Click on the icon. You should be re-directed to a new page (either in a new window or in the same one). Scroll down that page and you should see a link that allows you to opt out of the annoying ads.

Voilà! You can now enjoy an ad-free internet (at least as far as Contentlinktm is concerned).

More info can be found here.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Harper Doesn't Break His Promise, CTV Doesn't Notice

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government is not looking at reducing gasoline taxes, despite a pledge first made in the 2004 election campaign.

The Conservatives changed that pledge in the last election, arguing broader tax relief by cutting the GST would be more effective."

Ottawa has since reduced the GST from seven per cent to six." *

Looks to me like the writer was trying to sensationalize the report. It also looks to me like he failed.

EDIT: Looks like they're just recycling stories. Must be a slow news morning.


Trudeau Busts On Capitalism...Surprise!

WINDSOR, Ont. - Justin Trudeau called on hundreds of high school students in Windsor Wednesday to rethink the capitalist system and reconsider Canada's reputation as a model nation.

But the sober presentation didn't extinguish the students' excitement for their modern "icon," as 17-year-old Jonna Reaume called Trudeau when thanking him on behalf of the students.

"I can't wait to vote for you one day!" Reaume, 17, told the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau.*

Yep, he's his father's son.

Another thing - this 17 year old twit is the perfect example of why the age for voting should be raised. She's not even in his riding and she wants to vote for him? Sounds like a Liberal practice alright. Good grief.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


from a CTV roundup:

Story 1:

Tory climate plan timid: Schwarzenegger adviser

Arnold Schwarzenegger's environmental adviser suggests the Canadian government's climate-change plan should be terminated -- or at least significantly improved.

...[Terry Tamminen] says the Conservative government is making the same mistake as the Bush administration in the U.S. by failing to take urgent action.

Tamminen said he has hasn't studied the Tory plan in depth but is "familiar with it"
This is worth front page coverage for CTV? Taking this guy's word as gospel is like allowing a veterinarian to perform open-heart surgery on you. Sure, they've never done the procedure before, but 'they're familiar with animals'.
Since when do we consider people who, self-admittedly, don't understand the plan to be qualified experts worth quoting? Not to mention the fact that this individual was a fundraiser for Gore during the 2000 election.

Story 2:

Professors develop protein to target cancer cells

Thomas Pento and Roger Harrison helped develop a fusion protein that keeps some types of cancer cells from ingesting a vital protein called methionine. The fusion protein doesn't affect normal cells because, unlike cancer cells, they can be healthy without that protein.
I would just like to point out, as a biochemist, that methionine is an amino acid, not a protein. If it seems like a small difference, well, it's not.

That is all! Sorry for the sparse posting as of late, but things have been quite hectic in the past month!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

French Election Today

Sarkozy has the lead in the polls, Let's hope things work out for him.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

'Elect Me Or We Will Become Violent'

Segolene Royale has broken out the fear-mongering. Is she threatening France?

It sure sounds like it.

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BC Liberals Give Themselves a 29% Raise

I know public servants who've had their wages frozen by the provincial government here in Newfoundland and Labrador for over ten years after being on strike for weeks on end, while MHA's took less than five minutes to vote themselves a substantial pay raise.

Meanwhile, BC MLA's now have a twenty-nine percent pay hike as recommended by an "independent, arms-length commission." Where do they find these people?

"The report tabled Tuesday recommended a 29 per cent increase to basic
MLA salary to $98,000, up from the current $76,100. The premier would get a 54-per cent salary hike to $186,200 annually. The new salaries would be retroactive to April 1.
Other recommendations included changes to the allowance MLAs are given to pay their accommodation in the capital, changes to their travel allowances, winding up the MLA Group RRSP plan, the reinstatement of a defined benefit pension plan and the establishment of an independent tribunal to review the MLA compensation issue every second parliament beginning in 2013." (source)

Just another example of disgusting excess by politicians whose only concern seems to be feathering their own nests.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Support Our Troops - Or Not

Mark C. has a pretty good roundup of the Globe and Mail's "beating a dead horse routine" regarding the Taliban prisoner 'abuse' allegations. I'd like to add something more - certain people have had it in for General Hillier for a while now because of his staunch defense of the Human Rights campaign we are fighting in Afghanistan. While the left holds up a thin façade in their attempt to portray themselves as supporters of our Canadian Forces, they despise Hillier for his complete and unabashed willingness to state the truth about why we fight - a truth that is politically inconvenient and completely at odds with their hardline ideology.

Now, the Globe thinks it has the ammunition it needs to declare open season on the Canadian Forces and our steadfast General Hillier. We've gotten past the point where the left needs to pretend they care about our men and women in uniform - we'll manufacture 'truth' as we please. And damned be reports that the left and the Canadian Media are making Canadian soldiers angry with their incessant supposed 'concern' for our enemies over our own. There's political hay to be made here! Who cares what they think?

Note the insinuation in the article that Hillier and Harper are in political bed together. Does Brian Laghi understand that our soldiers are above politics? Hillier is a soldier, not a politician - and a damn good one at that. Laghi's characterization of his 'detestable murderers and scumbags' comment as controversial says volumes about these reporters and what they believe about the war and the Taliban. With this in mind, I pose a question to these reporters - do you or do you not believe that the men who murdered Cpl. Brent Poland and 54 other Canadians are "detestable murders and scumbags?"

What is there to debate here? To suggest that these murderers are otherwise is simply unforgivable. With this in mind, is it any wonder that our troops are angry with the politics being played over this here at home?

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