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Monday, May 21, 2007

Canadian Physicians and Abortion

As someone who aspires to be a physician (I should hear back from the Med school I applied to any day now) this article caught my interest:

Though abortion is technically legal in Canada up to the moment of birth, so many doctors refuse to do it that access to it is effectually restricted.

Some doctors reject abortion on purely professional grounds. Medicine is about healing sick people and pregnancy isn't a sickness.

Others regard as morally repugnant the forcible extinction of a human life.

Under CMA rules, a doctor need neither perform an abortion nor direct a patient to an abortion-provider.

Only 15% of hospitals provide the service and that percentage is declining.

Physicians, says Saporta, must put their patients' interest ahead of "their own religious and moral convictions."...

The fact is two thirds of Canadians opposed abortion-on-demand as provided in Canadian law.

But with representation in the media cut off and politicians terrified of any mention of the issue, the majority view was successfully squelched.

What could not be squelched was the view of most doctors. By simply refusing to do the work, they have increasingly thwarted the intention of the law. Such professional resistance was plainly never foreseen.

Check it out - it's well worth your while.

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