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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Support Our Troops - Or Not

Mark C. has a pretty good roundup of the Globe and Mail's "beating a dead horse routine" regarding the Taliban prisoner 'abuse' allegations. I'd like to add something more - certain people have had it in for General Hillier for a while now because of his staunch defense of the Human Rights campaign we are fighting in Afghanistan. While the left holds up a thin façade in their attempt to portray themselves as supporters of our Canadian Forces, they despise Hillier for his complete and unabashed willingness to state the truth about why we fight - a truth that is politically inconvenient and completely at odds with their hardline ideology.

Now, the Globe thinks it has the ammunition it needs to declare open season on the Canadian Forces and our steadfast General Hillier. We've gotten past the point where the left needs to pretend they care about our men and women in uniform - we'll manufacture 'truth' as we please. And damned be reports that the left and the Canadian Media are making Canadian soldiers angry with their incessant supposed 'concern' for our enemies over our own. There's political hay to be made here! Who cares what they think?

Note the insinuation in the article that Hillier and Harper are in political bed together. Does Brian Laghi understand that our soldiers are above politics? Hillier is a soldier, not a politician - and a damn good one at that. Laghi's characterization of his 'detestable murderers and scumbags' comment as controversial says volumes about these reporters and what they believe about the war and the Taliban. With this in mind, I pose a question to these reporters - do you or do you not believe that the men who murdered Cpl. Brent Poland and 54 other Canadians are "detestable murders and scumbags?"

What is there to debate here? To suggest that these murderers are otherwise is simply unforgivable. With this in mind, is it any wonder that our troops are angry with the politics being played over this here at home?

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