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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tired of Contentlink Popups? Check This Out

A little while ago I noticed certain words were being highlighted as links in my browser that wouldn't ordinarily appear as such. This began to annoy me as they would pop up over text when I was trying to read. Eventually, I got tired of it and decided to take care of the problem. You may also want to get rid of them, so here's how you do it - and it's quite simple: simply move your mouse cursor over one of these ads. In the right hand corner of the ad, there should be a small 'question-mark' icon. Click on the icon. You should be re-directed to a new page (either in a new window or in the same one). Scroll down that page and you should see a link that allows you to opt out of the annoying ads.

Voilà! You can now enjoy an ad-free internet (at least as far as Contentlinktm is concerned).

More info can be found here.

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