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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Atlantic Canada: A Shutout for Conservatives?

It'd be their own damn fault if the Conservatives were shut out of Atlantic Canada in 2009, and they'd deserve it for being so pig-headed about the equalization issue. It would have cost the feds very little to have kept their promise and it would have meant a real Conservative electoral breakthrough come 2009. Instead, they refused to do it for God knows why, and now they shall reap what they have sown. Perhaps the Conservatives have simply had their eyes on Quebec and Ontario for so long that they have made the mistake of every other Federal party: ignoring Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Canadians have such similar concerns that the region could be electorally be considered as one province with 32 seats. Why on earth would any Federal party want to write us off?

Before Liberals start crowing over this post, they should keep in mind that they are masters of ignoring Atlantic Canada, and have no place to criticize the Conservatives for their handling on this file. Paul Martin, weasel-extraordinaire, had to be fought tooth and nail in order to make him keep his promise on the Atlantic Accord. The Liberals are no friends of Atlantic Canada. Indeed, it seems that no federal party is.

As a Conservative and an Atlantic Canadian, it pains me to admit that my riding may very well go Liberal in the next election unless something drastic is done. The Star may be no friend of the Conservatives, but I shudder to think that they may be right about this one.

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