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Monday, June 04, 2007

Dion would Bring back Court Challenges Program, Double Budget

And they said the Conservative Party had a hidden agenda?

"Dion, who once served as minister responsible for francophone affairs, said he would revive the court challenges program and double its budget to about $11.2 million in two years."
Anyone who actually knows anything about the Court Challenges Program knows that it was nothing more than a slush fund to advance leftist social policy - funding for 'language equality' (like the types anglophones experience in Quebec, perhaps?) was never any more than a convenient cover story. The government simply hands over money to the program, without any way to monitor how it is spent. Not a scrap of accountability to taxpayers. The entire program is administered by the Human Rights Centre at the University of Ottawa; It is well known that many of the individuals who pressed the CCP for funding for left-leaning court challenges are now those in charge of administration (i.e. handing out the cash).

For many years, right leaning organizations such and REAL women and pro-family organizations have applied for funding from the CCP, only to see their applications denied again and again. Meanwhile, left-leaning organizations such as LEAF, EGALE, and others have been encouraged to not only to seek funding but to rely of the CCP to finance their legal battles. Often, these battles have little to do with equality, and more to do with making the dream of the nanny-state come true. "Rescuing Canada's Right", by Daifallah and Kheiriddin, describes how feminist lawyer Beth Symes received grant money from the CCP to challenge the fact that her nanny expenses were not deductible. Symes was, at the time, a founding member of LEAF who earned a six figure salary. Can you imagine the outcry if the Conservatives announced a new program designed to fund legal actions for 'tax-fairness', only to have it turn into a slush fund for right-wing activist groups to push their own social agenda?

Regardless of what your opinion is on government involvement in formulating social policy, one thing is for certain: It is counterproductive and inane for a government to fund groups whose sole purpose is to undermine the laws it passes. If activist organizations of any ideological stripe wish to challenge parliamentary law, then let them do it on their own dime.

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