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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm not Joking:

The Tories have actually hired a a direct-mail specialist from MBNA named 'Adam Smith' as a professional fundraiser. The synchronicity is so spooky that it sends chills up my spine.

And speaking of fundraising: The results are in!

"In this year's first financial quarter, the Conservatives took in 10 times as much money as the Liberals from 10 times as many people, giving them millions to spare for anti-Liberal TV ads. The Grits raised $531,141 from 4,365 contributors in the period ending March 31, while the Tories raised $5.1-million from 45,192 donors."

Great news for the Conservative party, obviously, but the numbers tend to confirm my suspicions that it was a mistake to pass up a spring election (though I count myself among those who correctly never expected to see one). John Crosbie himself once told me that there is nothing so dangerous as a cornered liberal; giving the Liberal Party time to organize their fundraising efforts may yet prove to be a costly mistake. However, we haven't seen what the future may bring, so I'm still holding my breath. After all, A summer break might just be what the doctor ordered for a tired and listless electorate (as well as CPC party fortunes!)

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