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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Fall of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is "closer than ever to complete collapse" under the weight of a deepening economic crisis that threatens to destabilise southern Africa, an independent report said today.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) called on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) group of nations to overcome internal divisions and focus on ways to persuade Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to step down.

"SADC must resolve internal differences about how hard to press into retirement Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's 83-year-old president and liberation hero, and the wider international community needs to give it full support," the Brussels-based think tank said in a report. **

A good friend of mine is an international student at my university from Zimbabwe, and she has family there. Despite the rampant inflation rate (I wonder how she can afford to come here to study - international students pay through the nose, tuition-wise), she seems a strong supporter of this dictator. I just hope that her family will be okay.

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