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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Soldiers. With Guns. In Our Cities. In Canada.

...We did not make this up!
From CTV

A Toronto councillor wants to bring in the army to curb the gun and gang violence plaguing his troubled north ward.

Giorgio Mammoliti, who represents York West, admits the idea may be a little "out there," but he says he is desperate to find a solution. He says gang members in the area are as bad as terrorists.

"I'm not talking about tanks, I'm not talking about armed guards on corners, I'm not talking about any of that," Mammoliti said of his plan on Thursday.

"I'm talking about bringing the resources and the tools that the army has at their fingertips to be able to resolve the problem immediately, so the army is a good way to do that."
Granted, the idea is a little out there - a better solution would likely entail granting police greater authority, tougher laws and increased resources to deal with gangs - but at least somebody is taking the the threat to public safety posed by gang wars seriously. I just wonder when the NDP will start calling for us to pull out of Toronto.

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