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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cherniak Caught With Faked Evidence

Jason Cherniak, a man for whom I have very little respect, has been caught in a lie. In an attempt to slander a Tory staffer today, Cherniak posted what seems to be an altered screenshot of a Facebook message-board post which purports to show a Tory staffer making derogatory comments about Baltic nations. The problem is, it's a clear fake - and Mike Brock has nailed him on it.

Laughably, Cherniak claims at the last minute that he received the screenshot from another "source," - something he very conveniently neglected to mention when posting the scurrilous screenshot in the first place. What is abundantly clear at this point is that Cherniak has either completely fabricated this so-called "evidence" or has fallen like a fool for a malicious fake. I know which one my money is on. This is yet another in a series of serious blunders which have all but destroyed any credibility Cherniak ever had as a supposedly 'serious' political blogger.

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