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Friday, March 28, 2008

Brenda Martin: Ms. Damned If You Do...

In the latest development of the never ending saga that is the life of Brenda Martin, Brenda now claims that a government report refuting her claims of being ignored in prison 'violated her privacy.'

Let's get a re-cap of the situation:

1. Brenda goes to the public about being held in a Mexican jail on allegedly false charges.
2. Brenda complains that the Canadian Government is doing nothing to help her and has not contacted her, publicly.
4. The Government releases a report refuting Brenda's publicly made claims.
5. Brenda Martin complains that the governments response to her very public campaign violates her privacy?(!)

What is going on inside Brenda Martin's head? The Canadian government is trying to get her out of jail and she has done nothing but savage them despite their efforts to free her. Then, when she is caught in a very public lie regarding the governments efforts to free her, she says the government is violating her privacy?

If the government was trying to get me out of a Mexican jail on charges of fraud, I'd thank my lucky stars. 

I guess she's entitled to her entitlements?

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a Tool.

Seriously. That must have taken some considerable mental gymnastics to to write.

I refuse to say any more.

Monday, March 24, 2008

On Trolls and Holocaust 'Jokes'

While I think that saying nasty things about somebody's paternal forebears is certainly a reprehensible thing to do, I think people are getting just a little too worked up over the rantings of a random troll in the comments section of someone's blog.

Seriously? Everyone gets in a fuss over this?

People on both sides of the political spectrum get nasty things said to them over the internet all the time - I know I have, on more than one occasion. So has Kate McMillan, Wonder Woman and this time around, Kinsella too. I don't think the rantings of a random troll are indicative of the general attitude of 'the right' anymore than I think they are indicative of that of 'the left'. I think they are indicative of the childishness of the person that posted them - end of story. So my sympathies, but also my candor: learn to grow some thick skin.

Yes. I noticed the grammatical error as well. And I am kicking myself for it. It's fixed, Sorry.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Check out the comments...

...posted after this CTV story about the unrest occurring in China. There sure seems to be quite a bit of 'pro-China' propaganda on there. I just wonder where it is coming from, and I doubt I would be surprised if I found out.

My Favourite:
"...In short, all you westerners (white supremists?) who hate China have zero logic to your arguments and are merely repeating CIA propaganda."


Arthur C. Clarke
16 December 1917 - 19 March 2000

Shag it - I'm calling it

Because it's cold and stormy outside and I'm not afraid of being wrong tomorrow.

Congratulations to Rob Clarke, the newest Conservative Member of Parliament!

It is only early, but Quadra seems to be a tight race as well.

Wonder what this means for Dion? Even if the Liberals take Quadra, a poor showing will reflect very badly on Dion's leadership.

Returns are flowing in and it seems that Quadra is still a tight race, with Conservative Candidate Deborah Meridith trailing by about 300 votes with almost half the polls in.

--updated again--
Come on CTV - Call Desnethe-Missinipi-Churchill already. It's done.

--and again--
CTV called it for Clarke. Congrats. Looks like Deb Meredith is trailing in Quadra.

--and yet again--
Quadra will most likely go liberal, with most of the polls in and Deb Meredith trailing by 5%. But the closeness of the race in what has been a reliably liberal riding for years is likely to be a wake-up call for the Liberal Party.

Monday, March 17, 2008

More Gems from the Venerable Heather Mallick

Seems that it's impossible to get by-election information tonight. I cruised on over to cbc.ca (I know, I know...) to get a check-up and found this instead (caution: you may want to have a bucket handy).

I had so much moral superiority when I was 18 that I could have sold it in cans. There wasn't anything I did that I couldn't find a way to justify.

Part of the problem was that I was a young "firm-feelin'" woman, as Waylon Jennings sang, and it made me smug, though how I intellectually translated the bloom of youth into the feeling that I should not have got a lousy C in my term paper on The Love Bug in film studies at the University of Toronto — no, don't know how I managed that.

The only difference is that I took my C paper into the washroom and flushed it, and comforted myself by smoking some dope and watching a class showing of The Passenger...
Emphasis mine. Mallick? Moral superiority? Perish the thought! Seems not much has changed since then, except that perhaps she's decided to follow the lead of the oil companies and sell by the drum.

You know, when I did poorly in my undergrad, i comforted myself by reviewing the pertinent material so that I understood it well enough to do better on the final, not by drowning my body in narcotics. Then again, I was an A student who worked hard, and not an intellectually lazy arts major counting on getting a position with a government broadcasting corporation so that my mediocrity would be rewarded with weekly columns in which I lecture from my oh-so morally superior soap-box.

I'm Just sayin'.

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CHRC Hearing may be opened to the Media?

h/t to Kate

From Steynonline.com

Thanks to everyone who's written letters to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal requesting that the March 25th hearing into the activities of the CHRC's "human rights investigators" not be held in camera - ie, in secret. Maclean's has decided to take things a step further. On Monday, counsel will file a motion requiring that Charlie Gillis, yours truly and other Maclean's staff be admitted to cover the proceedings on the grounds that the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal are subject to the same rules of openness as any other Canadian court.

This is fantastic news; it is indeed possible that soon the dirty laundry of the CHRC will be aired in public for all to see, and I don't think the stench will be palatable to your average Canadian.

The amazing thing is this: The blogosphere really got the ball rolling on this. It picked up this story like crazy and never let go, mostly thanks to the efforts and courage of men like Steyn and Levant who decided that enough was enough.

We are indeed lucky that the foes of free speech decided to attack those who generally defend it as a matter of life and death - publishers (Publish or perish?). It was perhaps their biggest mistake.

This institution of truly Orwellian proportions is about to come to a crashing end: Götterdämmerung, baby!

Lucy, you got some 'splanin' to do!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Bye Bye, Louise.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Chavez, the Warmonger

I'm waiting with baited breath for the left to start screaming about how Hugo Chavez is a violent ideology-driven warmonger.

Call the ambulance when I pass out, okay? 

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