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Friday, March 28, 2008

Brenda Martin: Ms. Damned If You Do...

In the latest development of the never ending saga that is the life of Brenda Martin, Brenda now claims that a government report refuting her claims of being ignored in prison 'violated her privacy.'

Let's get a re-cap of the situation:

1. Brenda goes to the public about being held in a Mexican jail on allegedly false charges.
2. Brenda complains that the Canadian Government is doing nothing to help her and has not contacted her, publicly.
4. The Government releases a report refuting Brenda's publicly made claims.
5. Brenda Martin complains that the governments response to her very public campaign violates her privacy?(!)

What is going on inside Brenda Martin's head? The Canadian government is trying to get her out of jail and she has done nothing but savage them despite their efforts to free her. Then, when she is caught in a very public lie regarding the governments efforts to free her, she says the government is violating her privacy?

If the government was trying to get me out of a Mexican jail on charges of fraud, I'd thank my lucky stars. 

I guess she's entitled to her entitlements?

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