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Monday, March 17, 2008

CHRC Hearing may be opened to the Media?

h/t to Kate

From Steynonline.com

Thanks to everyone who's written letters to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal requesting that the March 25th hearing into the activities of the CHRC's "human rights investigators" not be held in camera - ie, in secret. Maclean's has decided to take things a step further. On Monday, counsel will file a motion requiring that Charlie Gillis, yours truly and other Maclean's staff be admitted to cover the proceedings on the grounds that the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Tribunal are subject to the same rules of openness as any other Canadian court.

This is fantastic news; it is indeed possible that soon the dirty laundry of the CHRC will be aired in public for all to see, and I don't think the stench will be palatable to your average Canadian.

The amazing thing is this: The blogosphere really got the ball rolling on this. It picked up this story like crazy and never let go, mostly thanks to the efforts and courage of men like Steyn and Levant who decided that enough was enough.

We are indeed lucky that the foes of free speech decided to attack those who generally defend it as a matter of life and death - publishers (Publish or perish?). It was perhaps their biggest mistake.

This institution of truly Orwellian proportions is about to come to a crashing end: Götterdämmerung, baby!

Lucy, you got some 'splanin' to do!

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