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Monday, March 17, 2008

More Gems from the Venerable Heather Mallick

Seems that it's impossible to get by-election information tonight. I cruised on over to cbc.ca (I know, I know...) to get a check-up and found this instead (caution: you may want to have a bucket handy).

I had so much moral superiority when I was 18 that I could have sold it in cans. There wasn't anything I did that I couldn't find a way to justify.

Part of the problem was that I was a young "firm-feelin'" woman, as Waylon Jennings sang, and it made me smug, though how I intellectually translated the bloom of youth into the feeling that I should not have got a lousy C in my term paper on The Love Bug in film studies at the University of Toronto — no, don't know how I managed that.

The only difference is that I took my C paper into the washroom and flushed it, and comforted myself by smoking some dope and watching a class showing of The Passenger...
Emphasis mine. Mallick? Moral superiority? Perish the thought! Seems not much has changed since then, except that perhaps she's decided to follow the lead of the oil companies and sell by the drum.

You know, when I did poorly in my undergrad, i comforted myself by reviewing the pertinent material so that I understood it well enough to do better on the final, not by drowning my body in narcotics. Then again, I was an A student who worked hard, and not an intellectually lazy arts major counting on getting a position with a government broadcasting corporation so that my mediocrity would be rewarded with weekly columns in which I lecture from my oh-so morally superior soap-box.

I'm Just sayin'.

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