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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

'Baby' seals, buses and abortion.

Oh my!

I recall that pro-life groups here in Newfoundland (and across the country) had a transit advertising campaign about 6 months ago that got numerous complaints for being supposedly 'factually inaccurate'. This resulted in a number of the ads being pulled.

"...The ads read, "Nine months… the length of time an abortion is allowed in Canada. Abortion: Have we gone too far?" They feature a profile photo of the torso of a woman in the later stages of pregnancy and are intended for transit, print media and the internet."
The ads did not contain graphic images of aborted fetuses or similar visually controversial material (in fact, the only image was of a visibly pregnant women holding her abdomen. Click the link to view it).

Yet here we have a factually inaccurate statement (i.e. a lie) and a graphic of a bloody whitecoat baby seal that has presumably just been clubbed, along with the text 'one down, 249, 999 to go'. Transit authority opinion? A-OK!

Seeing as the hunting of baby, whitecoat seals has been banned in Canada for over 20 years, will transit advertising authorities now pull these particular advertisements? Surely the material is beyond offensive, as well as being quite untrue. Aren't they therefore presumably worse than the pro-life ads? Or will we see that, as usual, being consistent is an applicable option only when it is ideologically convenient to be as such?

(h/t to Kate)

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