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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bell Mobility Just Lost a Customer.

Thanks Bell - You've just lost my business!

I was on the phone today with Bell Mobility over some outrageous and ridiculous charges that managed to appear on my cell phone bill. The low-level support guy I talked to was nice enough, and tried to help me as much as he could (after he pitched me a bunch of plans I didn't want or need, of course). However, his supervisors refused to budge when he explained the situation, even though the billing was clearly in error. At this point I asked to speak to them and was told that they would choose not to speak to me simply because, as I was told, 'they're only going to tell you the same thing'. Standard fare, of course, to get rid of a customer and a problem, but I persisted. The customer service agent came back twice telling me that they were refusing to speak to me, and each time I demanded to speak with them, as was my right as a customer. Finally, he came back a third time telling me that they refused to talk to me.

At this point I was both angry and incredulous and pointed out that, as a paying customer, it was incredible that a customer service representative would have the gall to refuse to speak to me. That's like going to the bank and a having a teller refuse to carry out a request for a withdrawal. I immediately demanded to speak with his supervisor no matter what they had to think or say, only to get the run-around by being told they were 'unable to speak with me'. I asked whether they were unable to or just plain refused to, and was informed they were either 'busy with other customers or in meetings' (yeah, right).

Of course I was offered to receive a call-back within the next 24-48 hours (joy) but only at their discretion. I can guarantee you, I will never receive that call. In any case, I took down names and employee numbers and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, at least on the principle of making the complaint.

This is the third major unsatisfactory dealing I have had with Bell over their cell-phone billing or customer service and it's basically the straw that has broken the camel's back for me. I have previously had Bell customer service reps lie to me outright over the phone.

The ironic thing about all of this is that I decided to go with Bell (even though it cost more) because I believed the customer service would be superior. It now appears that I was completely wrong in making that assumption. When my contract runs out I'll be signing up with another provider (probably Telus, whom I am told by relatives provides pretty decent customer service). I would strongly advise anyone considering signing up for a Bell Mobility plan to save yourself the trouble and choose another provider. I, as a consumer, will no longer be choosing to do business with them.

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