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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mass Trans-it

In celebration of spokesman(woman?) for the 'trans-health lobby group' Susan Gapka's proclamation that Pierre Poilievre is "transphobic," (thus adding another ridiculous catchphrase to our Canadian politically correct lexicon), I've compiled a list of things that, believe it or not, Poilievre is afraid of because of their "trans"-association:

  • Donuts and other baked goods (all those trans fats!)
  • Traveling on the trans-Canada Highway.
  • Optimus Prime (but not Megatron)
  • Trans-Atlantic flights.
  • Trans-substantiation
  • Trance Music, but just because the word "sounds so similar."
Hopefully Pierre will contact his therapist and get help for his transphobia. I hear they have excellent desensitization therapy these days! 

Maybe he'll trans-form?

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