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Friday, June 27, 2008


An Uncommon Truths exclusive!

Recent cancer survivor takes employment hiatus and gets pilloried in the media for doing her job.

"...the Prime Minister's sometimes contentious director of communications"
"...who was not popular with the national media..."
"...was known for her stinginess with information..."
"...and for sometimes bullying MPs..."
"...Ms. Buckler was not well-liked..."
"...She also controlled who could speak on certain issues to the media..."

Oh, and towards the bottom of the article we are also informed:

"...Another factor in her decision-making, perhaps, is that she recently underwent surgery for thyroid cancer"

Thanks for that, Ms. Taber.

Ms. Buckler, we wish you a speedy recovery and a restful hiatus.

Read the comments if you wish to be further disgusted.

Additionally, the comments seem to indicate that the story had several re-writes, and that information about Ms. Buckler's struggle with thyroid cancer was not added until much later. Classy.

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