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Monday, June 16, 2008

Dion's New Tax Plan: Slightly Less Taxing, Completely Ineffective

Dion's new tax plan looks to be even more foolish than before:

OTTAWA - The Liberals are poised to propose a "green shift" in taxation policy this week, saying Canadians are ready for bold moves to save the environment. Their proposed national carbon tax, to be phased in gradually over several years, would hit home heating fuel and electricity, but not gas at the pumps.

Now that Dion has released the specifics of his new tax plan, it looks to be even worse than before. Not only will this adversely affect poor elderly pensioners who have to pay for the rising costs of home heating fuel on a fixed income, it will also raise the price of most goods due to resultant high energy and electricity costs. This plan will also do nothing for the environment, since the vast majority of carbon dioxide emitted in this country comes from running our cars - and this plan won't tax gasoline.

In summary - Stéphane Dion created an ineffective and costly new environmental plan? Will wonders never cease!

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