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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

'I May Disagree With What You Say...'

For many this phrase is only symbolic, but General Rick Hillier has actually put these words into action. Take note, Human Rights Commissions:

"HALIFAX - Canada's top soldier is defending the right of a father whose son died in Afghanistan last weekend to criticize the overseas mission.

Gen. Rick Hillier says David Snyder should speak his mind on the war even if the comments are difficult to hear. Snyder called the war in Afghanistan "stupid" and said he was concerned about his son deploying to the region...

...Hillier, who was speaking in Halifax today, says the Canadian Forces are in Afghanistan to foster democracy and win the right for people to express their opinions."

It takes someone who has fought for freedom to truly understand its value. Here at home, the employees of Canada's Human Rights Tribunals are attempting to stifle our ancient right to speak freely. They have never seen a battlefield. General Rick Hillier has, and has fought for the very freedoms they want to take away - and it is because of this that he openly understands how vital it is for someone like Mr. Snyder to be able to freely express his grief and his views on the mission in Afghanistan.

My deepest sympathy is with Mr. Snyder, and I am grateful for the selfless service of his son, who gave his life so that people in another part of the world could enjoy the basic human rights that we take for granted.

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