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Sunday, June 08, 2008

New Tory Ads = Ouch For Dion

After reviewing the new Tory ads that slam Dion's carbon tax scheme, I've got a few thoughts:

  1. The Conservatives have continued with the tried and proven strategy of reaching out to regular, middle class Canadians (The so called "Tim Horton's Cohort"). This worked well for them in 2006, and will no doubt continue to be effective. The ads themselves play to these sensibilities, right down to the radio talk-show theme. This says to ordinary Canadians: we get you. Gas prices are too high. (Now, if only the government would actually take action on gas tax relief...)
  2. Ouch for Dion. The Conservatives seem to have mastered the art of running an attack ad that doesn't play like a standard political attack ad. They're a lot more believable because the message is framed as coming from regular Canadians. This makes it easier for people to accept the message, as cynicism towards anything overtly political throws up barriers in people's minds when they hear attack ads. These ads slip past those barriers. Nice work.
  3. Finally: I loved the "Invade Pakistan" dig at Dion in radio ad three. 

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