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Monday, June 09, 2008


It seems some (some being the appropriate word) liberal bloggers feel that a boycott of the new tory 'fuel-cast' ads is a gargantuan David Vs. Goliath Stone to the collective Tory head. Right now there's some confusion in the blogosphere as to whether or not the ads will actually be running, but regardless, the boycott plan is silly at best: four or five liberal bloggers out of the entire gas-guzzling population of the GTA is, let's face it, not only monumentally insignificant in scale but completely irrelevant given that the ads are aimed at ordinary Canadians with no stated political preference and not, say, four or so hyper-partisan bloggers.

Even if the ads don't run at the pumps, the radio versions will continue to be broadcast - something that should worry the already 'image-challenged' Stéphane Dion as he scrambles to actually come up with a plan details for his new gas tax. 

Good luck - it's pretty difficult to sell, "Hey Canadians! Want another tax?"

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