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Monday, June 09, 2008

Susan Delacourt: Bias in Action

"I'm with Paul Wells on this one, actually, in that we in the media should be a little bit vigilant about watching where the new Conservative ad campaign is paid or "earned" media, as they call it in the PR biz."*

Goodness! She's right! My God, she'd be helping her sworn enemies then! Question: why should Susan Delacourt be taken seriously as a journalist after publicly musing that she thinks reporting the news is bad if it might help a political party she doesn't like?

Of course, the environment being all the rage and those Tories being such earth-haters:

"It's not the most environmentally friendly campaign — an hour into it and I saw the little cards littered all over the ground like cigarette butts."*

My, my, those Tories - they're simply awful! Part of me wishes I was out there handing out those cards, just so I could have the satisfaction of having ruined Susan Delacourt's day. After all, I did it to Noreen Golfman.

EDIT: She knows paper biodegrades, right?

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