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Sunday, July 13, 2008

*Bumped*Christian Woman Wins Suit Against Politically Correct Colleagues

Read the whole thing, it's quite an amazing story and it's something any conservative who's ever been pilloried by so-called "enlightened" liberal co-workers/classmates can relate to. And it has a great ending.

The devout Christian registrar who won a landmark legal battle over her refusal to carry out gay ‘weddings’ has spoken for the first time about the devastating campaign of bullying she suffered at the hands of her politically correct colleagues.

Lillian Ladele says she was treated as a ‘pariah’ because her traditional values were at odds with the dogmatism of equalities-obsessed Islington Council.

‘This experience has shattered me,’ she said. ‘It has been so overwhelming. For more than two years of my life I was treated as though I was full of hate, which is just not me at all.

Last week, a tribunal ruled that the North London council had ignored her religious objections to same-sex civil partnerships, finally bringing the 47-year-old single mother’s years of torment to an end.

Although it is the position of this blog to support gay rights, we also believe in and respect the inalienable rights of religious people to practice their religion freely.

EDIT: Bumped due to the link fix. Thanks for spotting it!

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