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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jon Stewart on News Media

...and it's every bit as annoying as you'd expect. To paraphrase Mr. Stewart, he believes that the problem with today's news media is twofold:

  1. They don't dig through spin to get to the truth.
  2. Fox News - but in Jon's opinion, at least they have 'an agenda' and offer something fresh.

Thing is, the spin Jon wants media organizations to cut through is spin from the right - spin from the left is just fine for him. In fact, he wants more left-wing spin.

Stewart reminds me of a kid sitting in the dirt on a playground, bawling his eyes out because he has to share the monkey bars with the other kids instead of having them to himself. He's wrong - the problem with news media today isn't that there are opposing viewpoints to the standard left-wing fare that gets pushed at MSNBC. That's what's right with news media today. Jon simply can't and won't accept that the days of unlimited liberal news media spin are over, and that the left actually has to defend their ideas now. 

He asks the journalists he's meeting with "why do I take this more seriously than you?" I can tell him why: his profession doesn't require him to at least try to remain unbiased. He's a comedian - one who needs to stop whining about how he can't have things his own way. Their agenda is to present the news as it is, Jon's agenda is to inject more liberal spin into it.

He's a hypocrite. I could say more, but I think it's simply best to paraphrase Stewart's low-brow words to Tucker Carlson on CNN's Crossfireshow:

Jon: you're a dick.

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