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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hearn, Emerson, Solberg Bow Out

Well, this is certainly sad news. As I'm sure most of you have heard by now, it appears that in addition to David Emerson, both Loyola Hearn and Monte Solberg will not be seeking re-election once the writ is dropped. It was widely expected that Hearn and Emerson would be bowing out and rumours had been floating around for months to that effect. All three have demonstrated admirable performance as government ministers and their years of experience have brought much to Harper's table. 

Hearn in particular is noted for his role in facilitating the merger between the Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties, thus helping to bring an end to years of internecine warfare (which led to 13 years of Liberal dominance in parliament - we owe him a great deal for that). He's also a genuinely wonderful human being in person and is known to for being active with constituency work. As for Emerson, it goes without saying that Harper benefitted greatly from his experience running various departments over his career, particularly considering the dearth of experienced ministers in cabinet after the election. His steady hand will be notably missed.

I think I'm most saturnine about Solberg's departure however. Monte was a hard working, capable, yet under the radar minister who, as I understand, brought thoughtful, efficient and competent leadership to his portfolios. He is viewed as an all-around polite and classy guy and I for one will be sad to see him go. On the bright side, however, there might be a silver lining to his departure; perhaps we will be lucky enough to see the return of his long-missed blog. I was sad to see him discontinue it and I would be tickled pink if he were to resurrect it from the dead (hint, hint, Monte). 

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