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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I Love This!!

Sarah Palin is the monkey wrench that is going to stall Obama's campaign. Up to now, he has practiced a very disciplined delivery of his message, but this is something his advisors definitely did not suspect ("The Republicans choose a woman?!"). As a result, it seems that the Obama campaign is having difficulty reacting to her selection.

Who knows, maybe their views of the GOP clouded their expectations as to the idea that McCain would choose an outstanding woman like Sarah Palin instead of a male VP candidate. In any event, she's thrown them off script - today's Drudge headline tells of Obama touting his experience over Palin's, which should open him up to a great deal of mockery. This will be a great talking point for McCain as well, should he choose to use it - while selecting Palin would seemingly take away from McCain's claims that Obama has no experience (since Palin is not as politically experienced as most veep candidates we've seen lately), McCain can still nail Obama for portraying himself as experienced, something which just isn't true.

Media-wise, this campaign has been all about Obama. The selection of Sarah Palin, however, has taken that media focus off the Obama camp and has planted it squarely back on the GOP. Even the supposed 'scandal' of Palin's daughter's pregnancy will end up helping the campaign - average Americans will look at it and will relate to Sarah Palin, and will be more inclined to vote GOP come November.

The dynamics of this election have changed, and they've shifted towards McCain and Palin.

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