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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Memo To Monsieur Dion

Today, Dion touted the Liberal record of fiscal management under former Finance Minister Paul Martin and former Prime Minister Jean Chretien by stating that under the Liberals, the country had a "twelve billion dollar surplus."

It is not a good thing to have twelve billion dollar surpluses. One can argue that it is prudent fiscal management in that it means one is not in the red, sure, but you can similarly argue that your physician is a good doctor because he hasn't killed you. 

If the government is taking in a twelve billion dollar surplus, that means that they have overtaxed Canadians by twelve billion dollars. That is not only exorbitant, that is obscene

Putting more money in the pockets of Canadians allows them to spend more and that spurs growth in the economy. Sequestering twelve billion dollars of our money every year doesn't really allow us to do that.

Any fool can cut a deficit if they tax the people to death. That's not sound fiscal management, that's being mugged with a cocked and loaded legislature pointed straight at you.

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