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Friday, September 19, 2008

Owning Your Brand in the Internet Age

A Nova Scotia Liberal MP accused his Tory rival Friday of subverting democracy through unethical use of the Internet.

Mark Eyking said he was stunned when he learned someone had purchased a domain name that features his name, but directs users to the campaign website for Conservative Kristen Rudderham.

The two are contesting the Cape Breton riding of Sydney-Victoria, which Eyking has held since 2000.

Eyking said he realizes the practice is legal, but insisted that it amounts to sabotaging communication between a candidate and the electorate.

Mark Eyking, I simply have no sympathy for you. You have failed to learn the most basic of political rules - namely "In politics, image is everything." You have to own your brand in order to succeed and you have failed at it miserably. 

In the year 2008 AD there is simply no excuse for a candidate for public office to not own their own name on the web. Indeed, from the moment you were picked as a candidate you should have had your name registered as a domain name so that you could convey your message and platform to - I don't know - everyone

Hearing a Liberal candidate complain about a Conservative doing this is especially amusing in light of the fact that this has been done to Conservatives before.

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