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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Peter...Don't...do this..."

BUMP: As usual, a comment I left on Garth's blog about this controversy has been deleted. Surprise!

Garth Turner's campaign may have officially imploded upon itself after CPAC discovered that Garth and his campaign manager allegedly staged a random door knocking event for broadcast on CPAC - at the house of the campaign manager's son

In a video, posted here at Stephen Taylor's blog, Turner and his campaign manager Esther Shaye come off sounding like scared schoolchildren caught in a big lie by their teacher - only in this case, the 'teacher' is CPAC anchor Peter van Dusen who clearly was not interested in being played any further by Turner and Shaye. 

What I want to know is this: if Turner and Shaye intended on being duplicitous with CPAC, why on earth would they have picked someone so close to the campaign to pay a visit? A random supporter would have passed muster at least, but Shaye's son? Such a decision seems almost as half-witted as attempting to be dishonest in the first place.

One almost wonders: is it so bad in Halton for Turner that he and Shaye had to resort to visiting Shaye's son in order to get a positive response at a voter's door? 

Daily moment of desperation: Check out 9:29 in the video where Esther basically begs Peter not to destroy the campaign and whatever reputation she and Garth have left. 

We here at Uncommon Truths have never been fond of Mr. Turner - we view him as a crass opportunist. We now ask Mr. Turner to give a full accounting for why his campaign's story of the event differs so greatly from that of Canada's independent political news coverage channel CPAC. Furthermore, should CPAC's allegations prove to be accurate, we demand that Garth Turner officially announce his withdrawal from the race in Halton and issue a statement along with Esther Shaye apologizing to the voters of Halton for attempting to deceive them on national television.

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