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Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Letter To An MP

Mr. Harris,

I am angered by the news that the Bloc Quebecois, the Liberals and the NDP are continuing with their plan to form a coalition government, in spite of polls that have shown more than two thirds of Canadians are opposed to the idea. In the last election, a whopping 74% of Canadians rejected Stéphane Dion and the Liberal party. But this pales in comparison to the fact that an astounding 82% of Canadians solidly rejected the NDP. The third player in this farce is the Bloc Quebecois, a party whose avowed goal is to tear the country apart.

Mr Harris, how is giving the Bloc veto power over a proposed coalition government's legislative agenda good for Canada, or the economy? Have you given any thought as to what would actually happen to the Canadian economy should the Bloc use their newfound power to push the separatist agenda and remove Quebec from Canada? The economy would lie in ruins.

But that shouldn't be a concern for your party - after all, this isn't about the economy, it's about naked political opportunism. The opposition parties, scared at the prospect of raising money in the same fashion that the Tories have been doing for over a decade - i.e. having their members actually believe enough in them to contribute a little of their hard earned cash - that they decided they would do everything they could to seize power from the current government before it had even tabled a budget. And when the contentious proposal was shelved, your party in concert with the other opposition parties refused to step down from the political brinksmanship and let the current elected government do it's job. We have in fact learned that the leader of your party had planned long before this to enter into a coalition with the Bloc. This has pushed Conservative support to an all-time high; polls have them in the mid-40's and one has them at 51% public support. Liberal and NDP support however has suffered a sharp drop. How do you feel about your leader's actions in destroying your party's public support?

This is unacceptable to the people of this country, as seen in the grassroots organized demonstrations that took place yesterday. They, with their homemade signs and Canadian flags, were a sharp contrast to the 'astroturfed' top-down pro-coalition demonstrations with their printed signs.

Will you stand up for the democratic rights of Canadians to elect their leaders? Will you oppose this coalition government proposal that is tanking your party's support?

It is simple: No Mandate. No Power.

This was a letter that a friend sent to NDP MP Jack Harris. I have published it here with their permission. If you value your right to have a say in who governs the country, e-mail yours and let them hear how upset you are.

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