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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

WHOIS the 62% Majority(.ca)? You'll Never Guess...

Apologies for the paucity of posting as of late;

A new website has been launched in support of the jury-rigged coalition of socialists, separatists and liberals who have decided that they're going to form a government despite being solidly kicked to the electoral curb a mere six weeks ago. It's called "62% Majority" and has links to events, petitions and facebook groups all in support of wresting power from the current government. It's hosted by the 'Coalition for Change', a benign-sounding Obama-esque bromide of a title if there ever was one. There is a logical disconnect here, firstly, in assuming that anyone who supports this coalition is part of a 62% majority of voting against the Conservative party. While Harper's Conservatives only garnered 38% of the vote, Dion's Liberals earned even less at 26%; The NDP received a mere 18%, and the Bloc barely scraped just under 11%. From that viewpoint, 74% of Canadians voted against the Liberals and an astounding 82% against the NDP.

And exactly how many Canadians voted for a coalition of three parties that received far less support each than the current government?

Zero percent

Think about this when you hear someone spouting this 62% nonsense: We may have a man who was soundly rejected by seventy-four percent of Canadians, just six weeks ago as our next Prime Minister.

Then again, the whole argument is moot (and quite pointless) considering that we vote for governments, not against them, that the current government was elected according to the system we've always used, and hey didn't Jean Chretien form successive majorities without ever scraping past 41% of the vote?

So, of course it all comes across as rather disingenuous; it's an intellectually dishonest argument from the get-go.

But should we really be surprised? After all, check out who 62percentmajority.ca is registered to:

Domain name: 62percentmajority.ca
Domain status: EXIST
Domain number: 2578356
Approval date: 2008/11/29
Renewal date: 2010/11/29

Name: Webnames.ca Inc.
Number: 70

Name: New Democratic Party of Canada
Number: 60039
Description: The New Democratic Party is a registered political

Administrative contact:
Name: Mr James Scott Williamson
Job Title: IT Coordinator
Postal address: New Democratic Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada
300-279 West Laurier Avenue
Ottawa ON K1P 5J9 Canada
Phone: 1 613 2363613 x 2243
Fax: 1 613 2309950
Email: james@ndp.ca

Hardly a coalition of altruistic Canadians concerned for change and democratic principles. Meanwhile, the Facebook group for Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't has 38,000 members (and counting) and I haven't seen it mentioned in the media yet, even though publicity for a few small Anti-Harper groups is prominent.

Update: If you're so conscious about signing your party's name to your faux-grass-roots website, at least don't be dumb enough to use the exact same phrases, oh, I don't know, on your party's actual website.


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