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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Impressed.

If this was Canada's first NDP budget, Then this must be its second.

The only sweet spot is the tax cuts aimed at the middle-class, which would have been more welcome about two years ago. It seems that the Conservative Party has decided to abandon its principles of smaller government and cutting spending and I, for one, am not impressed. I will admit that I haven't had a chance to digest all of the intricacies of the government's fiscal plan, but on the surface it does not look good - at all.

If the government feels that it 'needs' to 'spend, spend, spend' in order to survive a confidence motion then I would suggest it grow some cajones and put forward a plan that doesn't involve massive and wasteful government spending, followed by a proper and clear explanation of why to the Canadian people.

As usual, Andrew Coyne says it succintly.

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