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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ontario NDP Votes to Stall Strike Legislation

After already being kept out of class by a two month strike, York University students have just learned that they will be kept from their studies even longer.

Members of the Ontario Provincial NDP caucus voted today against legislation that would have ended the labour dispute between CUPE Local 3903 and York University, allowing students to return to classes. Had the vote been unanimous in the legislature, the strike would have ended immediately, but 8 NDP MPP's who voted against the legislation effectively stalled such efforts.

It seems highly ironic (and quite telling) that the party that frequently claims to to be the flagbearer of student issues and rights is currently throwing a wrench into efforts to allow them to return to school. It's not surprising, however, given the "promise-everything-and-deliver-nothing" attitude that underlies most NDP policies.

Given this betrayal of sorts, one wonders how one of the most pro-NDP groups around, the Canadian Federation of Students, has handled the strike so far.

Well, the Ontario branch of the CFS gave CUPE $2,500 in support of the York Strike.

That's right people - the organization which is supposed to represent student rights... used mandatory student fees....to keep students out of class. York students are no doubt overjoyed.

With such a betrayal by both supposed 'advocates', I would be considering parking my vote elsewhere inthe next provincial election if I were a York student; I would certainly be furious with the Ontario branch of the CFS, since they clearly do not represent the best interest of York students, who should perhaps rethink their membership within this organization.

But this little fiasco is constructive, in that it shows the reality of the situation; groups like the CFS don't exist to help students; They exist to keep them in line with the ideology of the far left. Is it any wonder that voter participation in student union elections is always pathetically poor at universities across the country? Last year at Memorial University, only 15 percent of students voted, up from 8 percent the year before; students know the whole thing is a sad joke. Across the country, the CFS and it's affiliated student unions spend thousands of hours and just as much (if not more) money lobbying for radical left-wing causes while posting large fiscal deficits and generally ignoring actual student issues. Its great that you think U.S. military deserters 'war resisters' should be allowed to stay in Canada guys, really it is, but can we stop posting massive yearly deficits please?

Hopefully York students will respond accordingly and decide that, since their interest are not being represented by their student unions, they no longer wish for their university to be associated with one.

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