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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Well, at least 'justice' will be served.

"Father of kids who froze will face sentencing circle"

"A Saskatchewan father whose two young daughters froze to death when he took them out in a numbing blizzard will face an aboriginal sentencing circle, but Christopher Pauchay's lawyer says that doesn't mean he'll get off lightly."
Pauchay, 25, pleaded guilty in November to criminal negligence causing death. The single charge covered the deaths of both children and Pauchay's failure "to provide protection from exposure to the elements" in temperatures that would have felt like -50 C with the wind chill.

It was nearly a year ago when he left his home on the Yellow Quill First Nation with his daughters Kaydance, 3, and Santana, 1.

Court heard that Pauchay had been drinking and didn't remember much about that night. He did recall that one of his girls was hurt and he needed to get help.

This man's alcohol abuse led to the death of his young daughters; how much do you want to bet he gets off easy? Any other father subject to the regular Canadian judicial system would be facing a life sentence right now, and Mr. Pauchay should be treated no differently. It will be interesting to see what punishment the 'sentencing circle' hands down.

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