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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ya think??

Sid Ryan acknowledges presence of foot firmly in mouth; TDSB Trustee makes sense.

"CUPE Ontario's president yesterday said a Nazi reference he used to justify criticism of Israel was "a poor choice of analogy," after a trustee with the Toronto District School Board condemned such references in calling on his board to disavow the union's proposal to ban Israeli academics from the province's post-secondary schools.
Mr. Ryan said he would apologize to "any member of the Jewish community or Israelis who I've offended ... and I know I've offended some people."
"The example I gave was inappropriate and left people with the impression I was trying to compare the people of Israel with the Nazis," said Sid Ryan yesterday."

Perhaps people got 'that impression' from Mr. Ryan because that is exactly the comparison he sought to make.

...“They deliberately targeted an institution of learning. That's what the Nazis did.”...

I thought most people were sensible enough these days to realize that comparing Israelis to National Socialists is just a tad insensitive, but, well...

Fortunately, a trustee of the Toronto District School Board injected some much needed common sense into this issue, noting:

..."His "outrageous, sensational rhetoric only creates conflict within our schools and our country," said Mr. Matlow.
Mr. Matlow acknowledged it is not the school board's purview to debate Israel's action but said: "Mr. Ryan brought it here by trying to censor academics in a hateful way." He added: "We need to respond in an intelligent way and my motion is one response."
Thank goodness that there are still sensible adults out there who have the courage to stand up and call a spade a spade (or something else in this case...). Perhaps this will lead to CUPE members to finally reconsider the embarassing tenure of Mr. Ryan.


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