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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Take Me, Obama!!!

Last night as I flipped through the channels (and watching TV is a rare occurrence for me these days) I had the 'privilege' of watching our state broadcaster, the CBC, do a piece on how excited Canadians were to see Obama come to our proud land.

Well, sort of. What I saw (until I turned it off, resisting the urge to vomit) was a group of three women 'artists' sitting in a living room, singing and swaying in an almost religious rapture, hands in the air as if to testify to the greatness of the Obamessiah. They were singing of how change had at last come and Hallelujah how wonderful it was. They sang of how he was going to save the planet and bring peace to the world.

That's when I turned the TV to Scrubs, on ABC, my hands and teeth already clenched in rage at the fact that I had just paid for that socialist circle-jerk Obamagasm.

"How do they even find these people?" I asked myself. 

But I know how this works. The CBC reporter just contacted her friends, or did some social networking through her friends in the progressive, forward thinking arts community (of course). I know how this works, because a little while ago I was in my student union's office and I overheard them talking about how to get some good press in their opposition to the Unborn Victims of Crime Act

"We'll get [so and so, a campus newspaper reporter] to contact their sources at the Telegram and we'll arrange for an article that way." And sure enough, a few days later this campus newspaper reporter had an article in The Telegram about how bad this bill was, and by golly, it had women everywhere frightened and concerned.

I know how they find these people - because these people are their close and personal friends.

I want my money back, CBC.

And to those three women in the communal 'singing circle': get a life.

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